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Street Racing Attorneys in Washington State

In Washington State, street racing is a crime, and if accompanied with a Washington State DUI, it can have a devastating effect on your life. On its own, racing is classified as reckless driving, and the penalties are identical. The penalties associated with street racing include a mandatory 30 day license suspension, and could result in up to 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine. A license suspension dictates that you must carry high-risk (SR-22) insurance for three years, and this insurance is far from inexpensive.

One of our qualified Washington State racing attorneys can explain your situation in more detail. Simply understanding the severity of your situation could motivate you to fight the WA racing charge you face. This is especially true if you feel like you were wrongly accused of racing, or you are facing other charges related to a WA drunk driving offense.

The law defines racing as a contest of relative speeds between vehicles. Street racing can happen anywhere, from residential neighborhoods to the interstate highway. If you have been charged with street racing, you should talk to one of our qualified Washington State racing lawyers as soon as possible. Our legal professionals believe every case can be attacked, depending on a variety of factors including the police reports.

Defending yourself is the equivalent of giving up a race. This is because the court is only interested in a legally based defense, and this is where we can help. With over 30 years of combined experience, our Washington State racing lawyers have successfully resolved a number of cases involving street racing.


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A Washington State racing conviction will undoubtedly have many negative repercussions on your life. Losing your driving privileges can affect your daily life, your job, and your Washington State family. Expensive fines can put a financial burden on your household, and absolutely no one wants to spend any time in jail. Our Washington State racing attorneys believe the primary goal in every street racing case is to minimize the damages that you incur.

Fortunately, when you retain a qualified Washington street racing lawyer they work to fight your charges, protect your legal rights, and actively negotiate with the prosecutor in your case. Sometimes WA racing charges can be dismissed, and at other times they can be reduced through a plea bargain. While there are never any guarantees in any racing case, only a defense strategy based on the law will be recognized.


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Our Washington State racing lawyers act as a barrier between you and the state, so you can be confident that your legal rights are being protected every step of the way. Our Washington State racing attorneys offer a free case evaluation where you will be able to ask questions, and we will help you understand your options. If you decide to retain one of our Washington street racing lawyers, you will probably be surprised how quickly your case moves along. With the finish line in sight, your future will start coming into focus.

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