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Washington State Reckless Driving Lawyers

There is a common misconception that dealing with a Washington reckless driving offense is somehow less difficult than a regular WA DUI.

While it’s true that a reckless driving conviction carries a shorter license suspension term, it is still punishable by up to 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine. Also, if your license is suspended you will have to carry SR-22 (high-risk) auto insurance for three years after your license is reinstated, and this can be very expensive. Indeed, reckless driving is a misdemeanor crime with penalties that can impact your entire life.

Our Washington State reckless driving attorneys believe that it is worth every effort you can make to minimize these penalties as much as you can. Losing your license, and being forced to spend time behind bars, is more than just an inconvenience – it is embarrassing and can cause undue hardship on you and your entire family.

Every Washington drunk driving case, including reckless driving, has its own set of laws and penalties that govern the offense. Retaining one of our qualified Washington State reckless driving lawyers gives you the best chance of successful negotiations with the prosecutor, whether you’re seeking a plea bargain or an outright dismissal.


Our Washington reckless driving lawyers will fight to protect your legal rights.


While every reckless driving case is different, and there are never any guarantees, being adequately prepared is vital when attempting to attack the case against you. This is true even if you are innocent of the charges, because the court is only interested in a defense based on legal principle. When you retain one of our Washington State reckless driving attorneys, you will have your own personal representative working to protect your legal rights.


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In every WA drunk driving case there is much at stake. This is also true in cases involving reckless driving. You probably have some questions that you would like answered such as:

  • Can I fight my WA reckless driving charge?
  • Can I keep my driver’s license?
  • Will I spend any time in Jail?

You can start getting some answers by contacting one of our Washington State reckless driving attorneys for a free case evaluation. We will review your case, and listen to your concerns. We will establish a set of goals that you would like to see accomplished when your case is resolved. If you retain our services, we will aggressively fight on your behalf to attain those goals, and do everything legally possible to minimize the penalties you are facing.

Our Washington reckless driving lawyers know that it’s important to you that your version of the events be recognized. As advocates for your character, we will act as a barrier between you and the state, always defending your rights according to the law.

Your free consultation with our reckless driving lawyers in Washington State is one of the best ways you can ascertain your most logical course of action, with absolutely no risk or obligation. The adverse implications of your WA reckless driving charges can be mitigated, but only with a sound legal defense strategy.

We are ready to help you fight your WA reckless driving charge. Contact us today so we can help you resolve your case.

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